We are the go-to guys for anything GPUs because we love what we do. With our deep knowledge and hands-on experience porting and optimizing complex software to GPUs, our certified engineers have delivered accelerated code. We have already helped numerous clients coming from varying computational backgrounds.

Through CUVILib, we are already serving thousands of users with accelerated imaging functionality. When you choose us to help you add GPU acceleration in your application, you get NVIDIA CUDA certified developers and expert OpenCL developers at your disposal and the best part is our competitive pricing.

Set Up Initial Consultation – Free of Charge!

Getting started is as easy as dropping us an email (or phone call or Skype message) with a small description of your problem and we will set up an initial consultation session with one of our engineers (yes, we are very flexible to work with!) who will give you an assessment after analyzing your problem, profiling and testing it using our in-house GPU libraries and we will take on from there. It never hurts to talk, so drop us a line by filling in the contact form.

Consulting FAQs

We have compiled a list of common questions which we repeatedly get:

Q: Do you offer both CUDA and OpenCL development?

A: Yes, we do. We do try to push you towards CUDA (yes, we are biased) but if you are dead-set on choosing OpenCL, we will use it.

Q: Do you have certified engineers?

A: NVIDIA is the pioneer in offering GPU developer certification and yes, our engineers are NVIDIA CUDA certified developers. We have equally good OpenCL developers.

Q: What kind of hardware setup you have?

A: We have all kinds of CPUs and GPUs. From Intel Core2Duo to Intel Core i7 Sandy bridge and from NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT to NVIDIA Tesla C2050, we have single-GPU and multi-GPU workstations for development and testing. Moreover, we are located at 5 minutes walk from a 32-node GPU cluster (128 NVIDIA Tesla C1060) which we can utilize depending upon your requirement.

Q: Would you help us choose the right hardware?

A: Ofcourse, we would love to! We always recommend the setup (CPU/GPU combination) which we have analyzed to work best for your specific application.